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    Can we imagine something more perfect to set our room or living room than to take the beautiful light of the moon and place it next to us? Can you imagine being able to lower it from the sky with your hands in its most perfect golden moment, and discover in its curved form a soft and porous touch, as warm as its light?
    We propose to make your dream come true with the most innovative design of all time … discover with us «the Moon at Home», a perfect replica of the moon created by 3D technology with the utmost precision!
    Today you can try our warm, modern and relaxing lamp with the shape of a moon. Designed for your home, it will upgrade the interior of each room, bringing style and beauty.
    This moon lamp, designed in different sizes and with dimmable intensity, offers a touch of light for every corner and for every moment, from sunset to sunrise!
    Moon at Home, the best gift!

    The moon has a recharging system that makes it autonomous, adjustable, and manipulable. You can take it with you around the house, giving a touch of warmth wherever you settle it. The moon can illuminate the room of your little one while he or she starts to sleep, or to accompany you in that time so yours while you read or you see your favorite series. It is the perfect candidate for your bedside table.

    The moon-shaped 3D lamp comes with an organic hand-carved wooden base to keep the style and elegance in the room where you want to put it. The internal LED technology boasts an estimated life of 40,000 hours (that is a quality that allows almost five years on without shutting down! Double, if you turn it off during the day, for example)

    The Moon at Home, the best gift, the best option, available here.

    The Moon Lamp is available in 6 sizes: 8cm, 10cm, 12cm, 15cm, 18cm and 20cm in diameter. The wooden base is included with each purchase.
    This lamp is rechargeable with a standard 5V DC USB output.
    Input Voltage: DC 5v
    Nominal Power: 0.5 w
    Power Supply: built-in 1 * 5v 0.5A 1200mAh polymer lithium battery
    Light Source: LED
    LED type: SMD2835
    Number of LEDs: 20
    Light Temperature: white, warm, white + warm
    Adjustable Brightness: 2 levels
    Control Type: dimmable control and pressure button control
    Charging Hours: 2-3 hours
    Hours of Work: 4-6 hours
    Lifespan of the LEDs: 40,000 hours
    Type of light: type 1 (design of the shadow of the moon), type 2 (warm moon light)
    Tipo of the product: Beige
    Material: ABS + PVC
    1. This item is not water resistant, please use it carefully.
    2. Do not expose this product to fire.
    3. Do not leave within reach of children under 12 years of age without supervision.
    Package Contents
    1 * Moon Lamp
    1 * Wooden Support
    1 * USB Recharging Cable
    1 * Instructions Manual

    Información adicional


    Diametral, based on the real lunar surface using images from NASA. High Resolution 3D Printing.


    Interior decoration. Ideal for generating indirect warm light environments.



    Fuente de alimentación

    Included: 5v USB


    Follow the instructions below to successfully use your moon: 

    You can also watch these videos that we have prepared for you:


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